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1Self-Healing In Asphalt Mixtures
2Pavement Index Development Using Panel Rating
3Investigation Of Environmental Impacts On Piezoelectric Weigh-In-Motion (Wim) Sensing Systems
4How To Present For Professional Purposes (1)
5How To Present For Professional Purposes (2)
6Railway Condition Inspection
7Road Safety Audit Via Mobile Mapping System
8How To Identify An Accident Spot (Black Spot) -(Reviewing Some Methods)
9Multi-Instrumentality, A New Approach In Urban Transportation Demand Management
10Sharing Scientific Achievements In The Globalization Era: The Necessity Of Awareness Concerning The Written Academic Discourse
11Short Work-Based Travel Demand Management
12A Structural And Economic Evaluation Of Perpetual Pavements: A Canadian Perspective
13Prediction Of Travel Time On Arterials Using Data Obtained From Bluetooth Detectors
14Long-Term Evaluation Of Transportation Demand Management (Tdm) Policies To Achieve Sustainable Urban Transportation (Sut)
15Pilot Data Collection For Bike Utility Model Development
16Trip-End Disaggregation In Traffic Assignment To A Transportation Network
17A Microscopic Overtaking Simulation Model For Two-Lane Two-Way Highways
18Developing An Index To Measure "National Sustainable Transport" Based On Nested Approach
19Institutions as a fundamental cause of long-run growth
20How to Present for Professional Purposes
21Roadway Infrastructure Management and Operations Research
22Condition's Evaluation and Planning of Optimal Measures for Pavement Maintenance
23Estimating the Impact of Transportation Improvements and Operational Policy Changes on Travel Time Reliability Using Microsimulation Models
24Demand modeling in revenue management systems
25A Method to Estimate the Distribution of Average Vehicle Delay at Signalized Intersections (Day-to-Day Variability in Peak Hour Volume
26Writing and Presenting a Report
27Sustainable Development and Environmental Concerns: Exxon Valdez Disaster
28Application of Smartphones in Collecting Travel Data
293D printing for orthopedic tissue engineering purposes
30How to Present for Professional Purposes
31Transport Mode Selection for Toxic Gases: Rail or Road?
32Production and Characterization of Bio-based Adhesives for Construction Applications
33Local solutions to economic prosperity and
34Adaptive Traffic Signal Control using "Connected Vehicles" Data
35Automated and Optimized Project Scheduling Using BIM
36Model-based Computer Vision for Sensing and Analyzing Construction and Operation of Buildings and Civil Infrastructure Systems
37meta heuristics in transportation
38Cooperative education at university of waterloo
39Structural Retrofit of Steel Bridges
40Fuzzy image processing
41Vibration Testing for structural system identification and damage detection
42Charactrization of Asphalt Binder Thermal Damage Resistence
43Sustainability Yale Universitygoodal
44Parallel Programming with CUDAM.Azarpira
45Level of servise in pavement managementDr.Rafi
46Developing of intelligent Transportation System in IranDehand
47Developing a structure to evaluate the environmental sustainability of transportation iman mahdinia
48writing and presenting a reportDr.Golroo
49Enginering properties of previous concrete in pavementjoshaghani
50Experiment based on RSM for asphalt mixture and binderBababk Golchin
51An Introduction on Connected Vechicle TechnologyCVT
52Image Processing for Turnouts detect detection
53Data Driven Traffic Control And Management shiravi
54Emerging Data Technology and analytic Frontiers in integrated Land Use and Transport Modeling beykayi
55How to create a more effective Lab Safety Programkaufman
56Incremental Dynamic Analysis applied to sesimic risk assignment of bridgesTehrani
57Challenges in Specifying Duarability for Concrete Structures exposed to Chlorideshotoon
58Sustainablity in Construction Akbarnezhad